Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha refuses to withdraw her complaint

Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Radha is anxious in her room and calls Tulsi to express her disbelief at Damini’s easy surrender. Tulsi is also confused as to why Damini would willingly sabotage herself. Radha realizes that she managed to retrieve the papers from the safe and it is no coincidence that Damini spiked the kheer with poison and took the papers. She believes Damini tried to kill her so that she wouldn’t find the papers, which she believes have answers related to her death. Tulsi agrees to help Radha understand the papers as they are in English, and Radha hurriedly searches for them in the trunk but finds nothing. Radha suspects that Damini may have discovered that she took the papers and stolen them, and she begins to worry.

Mohan shouts Radha’s name, demanding that she come out, which she believes means Damini has successfully played her game. Kadambari asks Mohan why he is so angry, and he reveals that Damini did not mix the poison in the kheer, but rather Radha did. The entire family is shocked, and Tulsi questions Mohan’s claim. Mohan then plays a video recorded by Ketki in the kitchen that shows Radha hiding in the cupboard and struggling to open the bottle cap. Mohan explains that Radha created a perfect script by first accusing Damini and then pretending to drink the poisoned kheer. Rahul comments on Radha’s cleverness, and Mohan states that they all believed she was innocent, but Radha deceived them all. Kadambari demands that Radha tell the truth, but Radha remains silent.

Mohan questions Radha about the poison and the bottle cap, stating that she blamed Damini, but the evidence is pointing to her. Rahul suggests that they ask Radha where the bottle is, and Radha insists that she has not mixed the poison and has no idea about the bottle. Mohan and Rahul go to Radha’s room to search for the bottle, and Mohan finds it hidden in the trunk. He then accuses Radha of being clever and trying to hide the proof.

Radha is shocked when Mohan presents the bottle as proof of her crimes, and she cannot move. Tulsi defends Radha, stating that Damini and Kaveri may have planted the bottle in her room. Mohan says that Radha sent his mother to jail and that her game is up. He demands that she leave the house, but Gungun interrupts and asks where they are taking Radha, as she is unwell. Mohan tells her that he knows she loves Radha, but sometimes people tend to love those who don’t deserve it, and even if they stand by them, they only tend to do wrong things. Mohan accuses Radha of spiking the kheer with poison and then blames both Mohan’s mother and Damini.

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