Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari warns Damini about Radha

Radha Mohan 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Radha has a fever. Radha thinks it’s just a light fever. Dulari is asked to set the table. Radha feels dizzy and has trouble standing still. Tulsi expresses concern for Radha’s well-being.

Damini informs Kaveri that Radha is doing things beyond her understanding. Radha mixed spices in her pasta. Damini and Kaveri plan to take the keys from Radha. Radha carries the keys around her waist. Damini suggests taking the keys tonight. Kaveri is scared and worries about the person with the black coat. Damini tells Kaveri to take a photo if the person with the black coat comes. Damini suggests Kaveri can learn something from Radha.

Kadambari enters the room and is angry. Both Kaveri and Damini are stunned. Kadambari says she made a big mistake today. Damini hates seeing Radha in the place she desires. Kadambari compares Radha to Tulsi and says she is respectable. Damini and Kadambari have a disagreement about Radha. Kadambari warns Damini and Kaveri to think before they act. Damini believes she is the only woman who can be with Mohan. Damini picks up a candle and says Radha will suffer the same fate as Tulsi. Damini remembers lighting a fire with kerosene.

Radha feels cold and enters a room, but bumps into Mohan who gets scared. Mohan questions Radha about her behavior and she accuses him of eating all the kheer. Radha feels Mohan still has the taste of pasta in his mouth. Radha suggests Mohan to spend less time with Damini, who she thinks is not a nice person. Mohan questions Radha’s right to speak to him, as he does not consider her to be his wife.

Radha begins to feel dizzy and falls in front of Mohan. Mohan initially thinks Radha is acting, but realizes she is warm and has a fever. Gungun enters the room and is shocked to see Radha unconscious. Gungun questions what Mohan has done to cause Radha’s illness. Mohan asks for the doctor to be called and takes responsibility for Radha’s care. Mohan is in shock when he realizes Radha is his wife and seeks permission to care for her.

The doctor checks on Radha after she falls unconscious. Kaveri and Damini question why a woman would fall unconscious after marriage. The doctor believes that Radha has gotten very cold and may have taken a cold shower. Kadambari and Mohan discuss the cause of Radha’s illness and place blame on Mohan. Gungun accuses Mohan of being behind Radha’s illness. Mohan is about to reveal the truth but Radha explains that it was due to a vow she made. Damini accuses Radha of taking the vow to ruin the house.

Gungun asks Radha if she is fine. Tulsi accuses Mohan of being responsible for Radha’s condition. Tulsi says that Radha saved Mohan from Gungun’s anger.

Radha falls unconscious due to a fever. The doctor thinks that she might have caught pneumonia because of the coldest day of the year. Kadambari gets worried and threatens Radha to not do anything like that again. Gungun hugs Radha while crying. The doctor advises everyone to take care of Radha and make sure her body temperature is lowered.

Damini tries to turn Mohan against Radha by suggesting that Radha is trying to gain his sympathy, but Mohan defends Radha, saying that she is actually ill because of him. Mohan admits to having mixed ice in the tank and cutting the connection to the geyser, causing Radha’s illness. Damini stops her attempts to turn Mohan against Radha and expresses her gladness that Mohan did all this for their relationship. Damini tries to hug Mohan, but he pushes her away, stating that he is now married to Radha and she is his wife. Mohan’s actions shock Damini.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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