Radha Mohan 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan takes care of Radha

Radha Mohan 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Mohan pushes Damini away when he catches her doing something, and Damini is angry at Gungun for ruining her life. Mohan advises Damini not to do such things again, and Gungun apologizes to Mohan for doubting him. Radha takes a cold shower of her own desire, and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Gungun hugs Mohan and warns him not to do anything like that again in the future. Kaveri and Damini plan to use Radha’s sleep to steal the keys and take out the proof they need. Kaveri is shocked when Damini tells her she must be the one to steal the keys. Mohan still cares for Radha, but his actions are driven by his concern for Gungun.

Radha is sick and has a fever. Gungun is taking care of Radha. Mohan wanted to tease Radha but now regrets it. Tulsi accuses Mohan of teasing Radha. Gungun does not trust Mohan to take care of Radha. Radha asks Gungun to leave so she can study for her English test. Gungun threatens to keep an eye on Mohan.

Mohan questions Radha about taking a cold shower and blames her for the mistake, Radha tries to explain but Mohan instructs her to stop talking. Mohan helps Radha take her medicine and places a cloth on her forehead to make her feel better. Radha recalls moments when Mohan protected her from troubles and smiles at him. Mohan asks Radha why she didn’t blame him for the problem, Radha explains that lying is sometimes necessary for a better cause. Mohan covers Radha’s mouth to stop her from revealing the truth to Gungun. Mohan asks Radha to go to sleep and she closes her eyes

Damini plans to create a situation to celebrate Suhagraat. Kaveri questions Damini’s ability to plan. Damini wants to make Mohan dizzy with tablets. Kaveri refuses to participate due to fear of a person in a black dress. Damini wants Kaveri to steal the keys. Damini is confident that she will form a strong relationship with Mohan. Damini plans to get Radha out of Mohan’s life.

Mohan apologizes to Radha for wronging her and thinks about her accusation of him taking advantage of her. Mohan checks Radha’s fever and covers her in a veil before leaving the room. Damini prepares the bed with rose petals and opens the door to Mohan, who is shocked to see her in a night suit. Damini is determined to see who stops Mohan from coming close to her. Kaveri will steal the keys to take out the proof while Radha is asleep after taking medicine. Mohan advises Damini to never repeat her actions and is shocked by Gungun’s behavior. Damini believes Mohan cares for Gungun more than Radha and plans to use the opportunity to steal the keys and take out the proof.


Radha is in the room when a person in a black dress enters. Mohan pushes Damini to protect Radha. The person in the black dress tries to approach Radha. Mohan comes to Radha’s rescue.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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