Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Stranger helps Radha to reach the secret of Tulsi’s death

Radha Mohan 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Damini threatens anyone who comes in her way with dire consequences. Radha is wearing a Mangal Sutur but Damini tries to remove it. Radha reveals to Damini that Mohan doesn’t consider her his wife. Radha promises to perform a pooja with Damini as his wife. Radha prays to Bihari jee for Mohan to accept Damini as his wife. The possibility of Mohan accepting Damini as his wife is uncertain.

Mohan meets Gungun in the hall and she questions his behavior. Gungun accuses Mohan of scolding Radha and demands the truth. Mohan confesses that he loves them both and cannot always take one side. Mohan asks Gungun if she would do the same if her husband made a mistake. Gungun leaves after smiling, leaving Mohan confused.

Radha wonders why they couldn’t find any proof against Kaveri and Damini in the safe. Kaveri and Damini plan to find and destroy any proof against them. Radha apologizes to Tulsi for not finding the proof. Tulsi assures Radha that they will find the truth one day. A person in a black dress is packing a gift, with a map on top of it.

The Trivedi family is gathered for a pooja and Radha is smiling at Mohan, who seems angry. Mr. Trivedi helps Gungun get ready for the pooja. The pandit asks for the newlywed couple to perform the ritual. Kaveri signals Damini and Mohan questions if it is necessary. Kadambari tells him it is important as it is the first Shivratri after their wedding. The pandit explains that performing this ritual grants the blessings of Mata Rani. Mohan claims he has already been married before, so he has the blessings of all the Bhagwan. Kadambari signals him again, and he agrees to perform the ritual with Radha.

Kaveri signals Damini to approach Mohan and ask if they should perform the ritual together. Radha whispers to Tulsi that Damini will not understand and needs to be taught a lesson. Damini raises her hand, but Mohan refuses to perform the ritual with her. He looks at Gungun and asks if Damini heard what the pandit said. He explains that he can only do this pooja with Radha. Mohan calls Radha to come and pushes Damini away while standing with Radha. Damini is furious.

Radha asks Mohan to tell Damini once and for all why he can only do this pooja with her. Mohan asks who else would perform it other than Radha. Radha forces Mohan to say why he can perform this ritual with her and not Damini. Mohan admits that he always wants Radha to do these things with him because she is his wife. Mohan calls her his wife, and Radha is happy to hear it. She asks Damini if she found out the truth.

Kadambari announces that it’s time to perform the ritual, and Mohan and Radha lead the way, while Damini stays behind with her mother. Radha gestures to Mohan, who looks angry but is compelled to participate in the ceremony with her.

Kaveri becomes anxious when she notices that the keys are with Kadambari, and she contemplates stealing them, but ultimately fails to do so.

While performing the ritual, Radha whispers to Mohan that she never imagined she would be performing it as his wife. She asks him to bless her so that she can uncover the truth behind Tulsi’s death.

Damini keeps urging Kaveri to secretly take the keys, but Kadambari unexpectedly turns around, causing Damini to become angry with her mother.

Rahul receives a call and walks away from the group.

Mohan catches Radha staring at him and asks why she’s doing so. He dismisses the ritual as a farce, pointing out that Radha has turned his own daughter into a watchman.

Meanwhile, a person dressed in black approaches the house carrying a present.

Radha signaled to Mohan to proceed with the ritual, and he agreed. Together they commenced the ceremony, and Radha mentioned that they were still performing it even though Mohan was only acting. She revealed that she had kept the Varth four months ago and had found her husband before the second Varth. Mohan was stunned by her revelation, and despite her smiling face, he remained angry and frustrated. Nonetheless, they continued with the ritual and picked the petal from the Thali, fulfilling all of its requirements. Throughout the ceremony, Mohan couldn’t help but keep his gaze fixed on Radha.

Meanwhile, an individual wearing black clothes placed a gift outside the Trivedi Mansion, hoping that it would assist Radha in uncovering the safe’s secrets. Radha, on the other hand, was still engrossed in performing the pooja.

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