Radha Mohan 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha suspects Mohan about being stranger

Radha Mohan 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Radha is searching for a person in a black dress but cannot find them, while they accidentally cause a metal container to fall, alerting Radha. Damini and Kaveri are also searching for Radha, concerned she may cause problems for them, while Tulsi is worried about Radha’s safety after recent events. Radha tries to hit the person in the black dress, but they are able to stop the blow.

Kaveri and Damini are still searching for Radha, while Tulsi also wants to find her and wonders why they’re all here. Mohan asks Radha not to hit him and suggests they talk things out, claiming she locked the door to take advantage of him. Radha questions Mohan’s motives for being there, and Mohan explains he came for wood sticks but saw her following him. Radha is worried about a pattern on the floor and continues to search for the person in the black dress.

Kaveri and Damini are shocked to see Radha and Mohan coming out of the store together, while Radha seems to be examining Mohan’s shoes. Kaveri remarks that Damini’s plans have been ruined, as Radha and Mohan are together. Damini is confused and Kaveri questions when a boy and girl being together is such a big deal, citing her own experiences. Kaveri accuses them of pretending in front of everyone but being calm with each other, while Tulsi observes that Damini seems jealous and is relieved that Radha is okay.

Damini confronts Mohan about being with Radha in the store, and he claims she was taking advantage of him. Damini is angry and asks how Radha can behave like this, but Radha defends herself and their private matters as husband and wife. Damini questions how Radha knows about her unethical behavior in the room and accuses her of spying. Radha angrily responds by questioning why Mohan’s shoes are so dirty, and Mohan jokingly suggests putting them on his head.

Radha tries to talk to her husband Mohan alone, but Damini insists on being present. A physical altercation ensues as they both pull Mohan in opposite directions, and Mohan angrily pushes them away and leaves. Radha enters the house to talk with Mohan, while Damini follows and suspects that something suspicious is going on. Damini and Radha run inside to find out the truth.

Radha asks Mohan to come out and talk to her, but he refuses to listen. Dulari interrupts and informs Radha that Kadambari is calling her. Radha decides to leave, but first offers to take out a new dress for Mohan. Radha is shocked to find the black dress in Mohan’s wardrobe. She realizes that she saw Mohan both times she encountered the person in the black dress. Radha suspects that Mohan might be the person in the black dress.

Radha is shocked hearing Mohan’s confession and asks him why he would do something like that. Mohan angrily leaves without giving her an answer and asks if she had something to drink.

Meanwhile, Damini and Kaveri are still discussing the situation and trying to figure out the truth behind everything. Damini wonders if Mohan is trying to kill Radha or if it’s just a trick to divert their attention.

Radha is left alone with her suspicions and confusion, not sure what to make of Mohan’s confession.

Mohan, Radha, Kaveri, and Damini encounter a person in a black dress. Kaveri is stunned to see the person in the black dress. Damini exclaims they are safe when they realize the person in the black dress is not Mohan. Radha calls Tulsi for help in catching the person in the black dress. Damini follows Radha, but Kaveri is not able to run fast due to age. Tulsi stands in front of the person in the black dress to stop them from escaping. Radha is suspicious of Damini’s actions.

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