Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: ushkar gets exposed

Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Arjun and Chirag are discussing the disappearance of Arjun’s mother and whether it was a lie or a drama. Chirag claims they searched the house and found no evidence of wrongdoing, suggesting that the accuser may be falsely accusing someone. Mannu is present and kicks the havan structure, causing a commotion. Rajjo investigates the noise and finds Mannu inside the structure. Rajjo and Arjun break open the structure to rescue Mannu. There is a discussion about whether Arjun’s mother’s disappearance is a lie or drama. Mannu’s actions caused a disturbance and caught the attention of others. Rajjo and Arjun work together to rescue Mannu from the havan structure. Arjun holds a hammer used to break open the structure. Jhilmil comments that Rajjo’s actions have brought bad luck.

Rajjo unties Mannu and gives her water. Jhilmil accuses Mannu and Rajjo of acting and playing a game. Mannu accuses Pushkar of trying to kill her and hiding the truth. Rajjo has a video recording that she says will prove the truth. Pushkar denies the accusations and the group checks him for evidence. Rajjo accuses Pushkar of hiding the proof and finds a memory card. The group argues and Rajjo says they will know the truth once the memory card is played.

Jhilmil says Mannu had a relationship with a married man who is a devil. Rajjo says it’s easy to blame a woman and that the man was married. Niharika says she understands why Mannu did wrong with all of them. Mannu admits to hiding the truth that Niharika’s father is a disgusting man and asks for forgiveness. Pushkar tries to run but is stopped by the police and arrested. Niharika says she is ashamed of Pushkar for trying to kill Rajjo and Mannu. Chirag asks Pushkar to leave and says he should die of shame. Rajjo recalls her childhood and tries to stop what’s happening. Jhilmil tries to defend Pushkar, claiming he’s innocent. Niharika used to worship Pushkar and considers him a hero, but is now ashamed to call him “dad”. Kalindi cries and Chirag asks Pushkar to leave, saying the family has tolerated enough because of him.


Mannu asks Rajjo to start a new life. Rajjo goes to Arjun and finds him and Niharika sleeping in bed. Niharika apologizes and says they made a mistake while they were drunk. Arjun wakes up and sees Rajjo crying.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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