Rajjo 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kalindi and Niharika put on a act in front of the family

Rajjo 21st February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Madhu asks Chirag to get Arjun, but Chirag asks her to calm down. Kalindi reveals that Niharika is pregnant with Arjun’s child, and they get shocked. Kalindi accuses Arjun of impregnating Niharika and taking advantage of her. Niharika denies that Arjun cheated on her and claims that they had decided to marry. Arjun is in jail, and Niharika wants to bail him out, but Kalindi disagrees. Niharika blames Rajjo for the situation, saying that Arjun didn’t know Rajjo would stay there. There is tension and drama surrounding Arjun’s situation and the revelation of Niharika’s pregnancy.

Kalindi shows Niharika a message from Arjun, which Niharika recognizes as a message she received from Arjun’s phone. Niharika decides to go and get Arjun. Kalindi believes that Niharika loves Arjun too much to care about her own reputation and asks if Niharika thinks the message is a lie. Rajjo disagrees and says that she trusts Arjun, and the message is a lie.

Niharika asks if Arjun ever said the message, to which Rajjo admits to a previous misunderstanding between them. Kalindi dismisses the importance of the misunderstanding and tells Rajjo to be quiet. Chirag is surprised that he wasn’t informed of the situation and Kalindi brings up Chirag’s previous actions towards her. Madhu insults Rajjo, calling her a curse on Arjun’s life. Chirag interrupts and states that they don’t know the truth. Kalindi accuses Chirag of trusting Rajjo more than her. Chirag suggests that Niharika undergo tests to prove her trustworthiness, to which Rajjo questions his motives.

Kalindi questions why Mannu wasn’t asked to undergo tests when she blamed Pushkar. Rajjo asks Kalindi not to bring Mannu into the argument. Kalindi argues that her father was also accused of wrongdoing. Chirag receives a call saying that Arjun’s chance of release is low because their father is with the commissioner. Kalindi believes that Arjun has done wrong and argues with Chirag. Chirag believes in Arjun’s innocence and says that true lovers can’t lose their path. Madhu cries and pleads for Arjun’s release while Jhilmil insists on justice for Niharika.

Pushkar meets Kalindi and Niharika after being released from jail and praises them Rajjo freed Pushkar and expects him to get Arjun released from jail Pushkar sets a condition for Rajjo to get Arjun freed – to get him married to Niharika and leave Arjun forever Rajjo worries about the condition while Kalindi and Niharika have a drink Rajjo meets Arjun, who denies sending the message to Niharika and apologizes to her. Arjun feels ashamed and lost the right to apologize to Rajjo.


Rajjo meets Arjun and tells him their plan to expose Niharika by entering the house with Maai. Arjun asks her not to leave him and promises to only get engaged to her, not anyone else.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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