Rajjo 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajjo hatches a plan with Arjun to expose Niharika

Rajjo 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Arjun asks Rajjo about her plan for remarriage. Chirag disagrees and says that Arjun cannot remarry since he is still Rajjo’s husband and they haven’t divorced. Madhu inquires about Rajjo’s whereabouts, and Chirag reveals that she has been removed from his life. Pratap and Chirag try to convince Madhu that this decision won’t be suitable for Arjun and Niharika. Kalindi argues with Chirag and states that Niharika is worried about becoming an unwed mother and won’t suffer. Madhu decides not to invite any guests to the marriage, but Chirag warns that if anyone puts the wedding pictures on social media, Arjun will go to jail. Kalindi suggests asking Sagar to take everyone’s phones, but Chirag still believes that this marriage will ruin Arjun’s life.

Arjun is waiting for Rajjo and sees a girl approaching with a veil on her face. He chants Bajrang bali’s name, and Rajjo starts laughing, revealing herself to be the girl in the veil. Arjun jokes that she almost gave him a heart attack and Rajjo playfully pulls his cheeks. They discuss the need to keep their plan secret, as it could be revealed if Pushkar or Kalindi were to see them. Arjun hugs Rajjo, and the song “Tera Fitoor” plays.

Rajjo shares her plan with Arjun and reassures him that everything will be okay, and they will be together. She vows to win the battle against Niharika and keep their plan a secret. Rajjo and Mannu disguise themselves as helpers and enter the house, where Kalindi assigns them to decorate. Arjun drops his phone and talks to Rajjo about Niharika, but Chirag interrupts and asks Niharika for her phone. Chirag refuses to let anyone post pictures of the marriage, as it could land Arjun in jail. Arjun asks for the locker keys to get gold and accessories, and Chirag hands them over before leaving. Arjun and Rajjo search the locker while Chirag returns and expresses his suspicion that Arjun still loves Rajjo.

Rajjo overhears Arjun and Chirag talking and thinks Chirag is a great brother for protecting Arjun. Arjun pleads with Rajjo to trust him and assures her that they are not doing anything wrong. Kalindi asks where to keep the flowers, and Niharika arrives, asking if everything is ready. Kalindi tells Niharika to go and get ready, and Chirag expresses his disapproval of the situation before leaving. Rajjo cries, and Arjun comforts her, saying that Chirag will always support them and that they are lying to everyone.

Arjun and Rajjo check Niharika’s phone but do not find the right contact. They discuss Niharika and hold hands while hiding. Kalindi goes upstairs, and Mannu tries to stop her. Arjun and Rajjo hide when Kalindi comes and locks the cupboard, but the curtain blows off. Mannu gets shocked upon seeing Arjun and Rajjo.


Rajjo meets Amit and suggests that he should give love to his baby. Amit refuses, stating that his parents may be at risk. Rajjo questions if he can forget his baby, and someone records their conversation.

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