Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Rajjo celebrate their mehendi

Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Mannu congratulates Arjun and Niharika and tells Arjun to keep it safe. Arjun checks Niharika’s phone and sees Amit’s number. Niharika confronts Arjun and he admits his love for Rajjo, but says their marriage is the best option for them. Arjun gets Amit’s number and Rajjo goes to find him at the academy. Rajjo hides as Pushkar comes to check the record room door that was left open. Rajjo finds Amit’s file and checks his picture.

Madhu applies mehendi to Niharika and Jhilmil expresses relief that Rajjo is gone. Mannu overhears and gets angry. Madhu asks Swara to feed Niharika. Niharika wonders where Rajjo is. Arjun arrives playing the dhol and suggests playing antakshari. They all play antakshari while Arjun thinks about Rajjo.

Rajjo arrives at the mehendi ceremony and sings. Arjun coughs and holds Rajjo’s hand, and Kalindi interrupts them. Kalindi mistakes Rajjo for someone else wearing her dupatta, and the girl scolds her. Arjun and Rajjo share some romantic moments during the mehendi ceremony. Arjun writes his name on Rajjo’s hand, and she writes an “R” on his hand. Niharika interrupts them, causing Arjun and Rajjo to worry.


Niharika asks Swara to follow and record the red dupatta woman. Rajjo meets with Amit and asks him to think of his baby. Swara records Rajjo and Amit’s conversation. Niharika sees the video recorded by Swara and gets shocked.

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