Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajjo persuades Amit to expose Niharika’s truth

Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Rajjo hides behind Arjun. Niharika asks Arjun to tie her blouse string. Rajjo steals Niharika’s phone while Arjun and Niharika argue. Rajjo asks Arjun why girls are after him. Rajjo shows Arjun a message from Amit and they plan to meet him. Niharika gets her phone back from Arjun and asks Swara to follow Rajjo. Rajjo confronts Amit about Niharika’s pregnancy.

Amit worked hard to become capable in Pushkar’s eyes. Amit was happy about Niharika’s pregnancy and was ready to take responsibility. Niharika broke up with Amit and threatened him; he was afraid and couldn’t take the risk. Niharika received a video and asked Amit to fight for their baby, but he was scared of dangerous people. Rajjo was fighting for her love, and she asked Niharika if she had the courage to fight for her baby. Niharika scolded Swara for sending a blurry video, but Swara secretly recorded it. Niharika was unsure about what was happening in the video.

Niharika believes that the red dupatta woman is connected to Rajjo, and scolds the guards for not being able to catch them. Rajjo and Amit plan to enter a place using disguises, with the help of a van and costumes stand. Kalindi advises Niharika to stop pursuing the red dupatta girl, as Rajjo is already gone. Rajjo expresses confidence in their plan despite Amit’s worries about being caught. Arjun instructs Niharika to prepare for something and tells everyone else to get ready. Rajjo stops the group due to a suspicious sound and a drunk Kalindi, but they continue with their plan. Niharika is in charge of selecting clothes for an event.

Rajjo agrees with Swara’s plan to hide Amit in a locked storeroom. Arjun is surprised and reveals the room belongs to him and Chirag, and tells Amit to expose Niharika’s truth during the wedding. Rajjo expresses confidence that their truth will triumph over Pushkar and his daughters. Swara offers her support to Rajjo and Amit. Niharika and Kalindi leave to start preparing for the wedding. The group decides that the night of the wedding will be a decision night, where their truth will prevail.


Amit is attacked and goes missing. Rajjo and Arjun express concern for Amit’s safety. Someone attempts to kill Amit. Pushkar arrives and meets with Niharika, telling her that the task is completed.

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