Saavi Ki Savaari 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update – Shivam calls off the marriage

Saavi Ki Savaari 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Shivam and Sonam are getting married and all rituals have taken place. The bride and groom are not supposed to see each other before reaching the mandap. Shivam asks Ratna for blessings but she won’t attend the wedding due to fear of Krishna getting angry. Sonam will go to the mandap alone on time and is excited for the new start. Shivam thinks Sonam will never forget the date. Shivam is concerned about Ratna not attending the wedding and dials 100. Ratna is afraid of Krishna getting angry with her if she attends the wedding. Sonam is confident and excited to start a new chapter in her life.

Saavi and Vedika plan to make bhog halwa and set an alarm for 6am. They gather in the hall and make halwa in the kitchen, estimating the puja will take 2 hours. Nityam stops Vedika on her way out and takes her to the temple in his car. Sonam is getting ready for her wedding, while Ratna wishes it was as grand as her own. UD encourages Saavi to go to the temple, while Dimpy worries about Vedika, Nityam, and Raksham uniting. Nityam drops Vedika off at the temple and stays in the car, while Shivam also comes to the temple but does not see Vedika. Vedika hopes that Nityam will soon get rid of his hatred for Raksham. There is a sense of anticipation and nervousness among the characters as the events leading up to the wedding unfold. The relationships between the characters are complex and there is a clear power dynamic at play, with Nityam in control of Vedika. The concept of “winning a lottery” is used to describe both Ratna’s wedding and Sonam’s upcoming marriage, perhaps suggesting that the characters see marriage as a type of reward. There is a potential for conflict as Dimpy is worried about the potential unity of Vedika, Nityam, and Raksham.

Himesh and Dimpy are discussing a potential distribution of wealth among the characters. Himesh is being asked to manipulate UD in order to secure a share of the wealth for himself. There is a sense of greed and manipulation present in the conversation.

Krishna drops Sonam off at the temple for her wedding. Sonam and Krishna have a strained relationship but Sonam wants to start fresh. Sonam has plans to oust Krishna from her life after she marries Raksham Dalmia. Sonam is happy as she is showered with flower petals. Shivam sees Sonam from a phone on the mandap. Vedika is at the temple performing a puja for her son. The pandit performing the puja reveals the name of Sonam’s groom to be Shivam Kumar.

Sonam and Shivam are preparing to get married and all the rituals are happening. Pandit ji tells Sonam that the mahurat is ending, and Shivam comes late because he got stuck in work. Sonam makes Shivam wear the garland and says she wants to marry him. Shivam removes the garland and throws it far, shocking Sonam. Saavi arrives at the temple, and Vedika prays for her son’s return. Krishna is happy watching the live video of Shivam refusing to marry Sonam.


Vedika reveals to Nityam that she is both his and Raksham’s mother. The episode ends with a cliffhanger of Shivam breaking off the wedding and Vedika’s revelation to Nityam.

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