Saavi Ki Savaari 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivam Rejects Sonam

Saavi Ki Savaari 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vedika is playing the shank and praying for Raksham’s long life. Nityam hears the shank sound and covers his ears. Saavi arrives and prays, wishing for Raksham’s dreams to come true. Shivam cancels his wedding with Sonam and calls off the engagement. Sonam tries to convince Shivam to continue with the wedding, but he accuses her of being selfish and manipulative. Vedika continues to pray for Raksham’s well-being. Krishna is watching the situation unfold and is happy.

Shivam tells Sonam that he has become key to her wealth. He reveals his true identity to be Raksham Dalmia, but will continue to go by Shivam Kumar. Shivam accuses Sonam of not valuing his love and being selfish, only caring about herself and not her family or sister Saavi. Sonam is accused of trying to take Saavi’s kundali for personal gain. Shivam believes Saavi has self respect while Sonam is lacking it. The same thing is happening to Sonam that had previously happened to her, with another Dalmia leaving her on the mandap. Sonam is crying.

Shivam punishes Sonam for her actions by declaring her a “rejected bride”. He suggests that jail food and conditions are not good for her. Shivam intends for Sonam to feel the pain of rejection every moment. Sonam recalls her failed attempt to marry Nityam. Shivam prays that no one will take advantage of true love again. Sonam begs Shivam not to leave her at the mandap, but he walks away.

The Pandit offers Shivam prasad intended for a mother’s long-lost son. Shivam finds a photo of himself at the puja site and wonders if his mother is also searching for him. Vedika has been performing puja for 12 years and is the one who left the photo there. Vedika is both Shivam and Raksham’s mother. Nityam tries to stop Vedika, reminding her of what Raksham did to their family in the past. Vedika is undeterred and continues to try and go to the puja site. Shivam hears the conversation and becomes emotional.

Raksham takes all the money from the almira. Nityam tries to stop Raksham but is locked in the almira. Vedika releases Nityam from the almira. Investors demand the money, leading Satyam to hang himself. Nityam blames Raksham for Satyam’s death. Nityam expresses his hate for Raksham and becomes tearful. Shivam is also affected by the situation and becomes tearful.


The Pandit informs Sonam that she may not get married on that day. Sonam takes the initiative to perform the wedding rituals alone and applies sindoor in her maang. Saavi comforts Nityam, stating she will never leave him after understanding his pain.

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