Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: 1st Episode

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: A girl is running around looking for Tej. Tej asks her to go back because they can’t be together. She confesses her love for him and says he taught her what real love is. Police and other people are searching for them. Tej transforms into a wolf. She asks Tej to turn her into a wolf so they can be together, but he refuses. Tej is shot and the girl defends him, but they both get stabbed.

Years later – A wolf is present in the area and is known to kill people. Eisha expresses her emotional distress in missing her parents who are gone. Eisha sees a wolf and speaks to her parents, who do not answer her. Eisha admits that she is not fine despite saying so. Some friends are discussing the presence of wolves in the area while in a car. The wolf stops the car and kills all of the passengers.

Malini reads the newspaper about friends killed by a wolf. Eisha encourages her brother Vihaan to play football. Malini receives a text from a friend, and goes outside to meet them. Meher waits for Malini on a bike and they go to college together. Meher wishes for a superpower to know what will be on their exam. They stand under a tree while it rains, and Meher mentions a superstition about soulmates. Armaan follows Malini and Meher.

Scene 2: Eisha receives a photo of her parents from a classmate and gets emotional. A pole falls on Eisha, and Armaan saves her while a flag falls on both of them. Eisha’s emotional state is further supported by Meher, who hugs her. Jenny develops a crush on Armaan after he saves Eisha. Meher advises Jenny to think before taking such actions in the future. The events take place in a college setting.

Eisha confronts her brother Vihaan about his drug dealing. Eisha visits a cliff that reminds her of her deceased mother. It gets cold and smokey, and Eisha falls. Armaan comes to Eisha’s aid and they discuss their respective ways of dealing with pain. Eisha reveals that her parents died in a car accident at the cliff. Eisha gets a cut on her hand, and Armaan’s wolf comes out but he controls it.

Scene 3: Armaan returns home, and a woman questions his decision to come to the city. Armaan disregards the danger that wolves face in the city and considers it his home. The city is known to be dangerous for wolves. The woman expresses her concern for Armaan’s safety in a city controlled by humans. Armaan is determined to achieve his mission in the city.

Eisha plays the lead in a drama where Armaan becomes a wolf to be with her. Armaan’s performance is praised for being realistic and amazing. The director wants to keep the story away from the city, and an MP criticizes him for not stopping his son. Armaan is shot in the drama like Tej, and Eisha is taken away from him. Meher tries to turn on the fall during the performance. Jenny makes comments about Armaan’s looks and acting skills during the play. The play is about the story of Tej and Avantika’s incomplete love.

Jenny shares the real story of her grandmother, who fell in love with a wolf. They have a bonfire, and Sarah joins them after breaking up with Vihaan. Sarah expresses her hatred towards wolves, saying they kill humans and cannot fall in love. Sarah takes a pill, and Armaan attacks her. The inspector discovers Sarah’s body the next day. The story raises the issue of the relationship between humans and wolves.

Scene 4: Veer throttles Armaan and claims he felt like coming to see him in the hospital. Sarah wakes up in the hospital and screams “wolf,” while Vihaan gives her oxygen. Armaan accuses Veer of causing accidents and killing people, but Veer states that humans are his targets and he is not a coward. Armaan warns Veer not to come near Eisha, and they fight about Kaviya, who died and resembled Eisha. Armaan tells Veer that Eisha is not Kaviya, and they look nothing alike. Veer reveals that he and Armaan have the same reason for being a wolf, which is related to Eisha. The text portrays a tense relationship between Armaan and Veer, with their conflict centered on their shared history with Kaviya and Eisha.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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