Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Eisha believes Veer was right and Kaviya was similar to her. Armaan is rumored to be a wolf who can live forever by drinking human blood. Armaan confirms Eisha’s suspicions and offers to answer her questions. Cherry hears Veer’s voice in her head and is compelled to go to his house. Veer is weak and needs blood to regain his strength. Cherry offers to donate blood to Veer, but he warns her that she will turn into a wolf too. Veer drinks the bottled blood and breaks free from his captivity.

Scene 2: Armaan reveals his true form as a wolf to Eisha. Eisha is scared and runs away from him. Armaan declares his love for Eisha and assures her that he would never harm her. Eisha questions Armaan about his actions towards humans. Armaan denies harming humans and promises to protect Eisha. Eisha feels conflicted about her feelings for Armaan and cries after leaving him.

Scene 3: Veer attacks Vihaan and his friends at a party. Armaan confesses that it’s not him who is responsible for the killings, but Veer. Sarah turns into a wolf and attacks two men on the road. Vihaan finds Sarah injured and realizes that she’s a wolf. Sarah pushes Vihaan away when she’s about to bite him. SP finds dead bodies and sees Sarah’s wounds, realizing that she’s not well.

Scene 4: Armaan confronts Veer about the killings and Sarah’s transformation. Veer reveals that Sarah is now a wolf like them. Armaan reminds Veer about their pact but says that innocent lives are more important. Veer laughs about Eisha leaving and shows her returned bracelet, implying he can do what he wants now. Armaan warns Veer not to harm Eisha or he won’t reveal Kaviya’s location. Veer denies liking Eisha and Armaan threatens to lock him with Kaviya if he doesn’t learn to live peacefully.

Scene 5: Armaan tells Eisha he loves her and wants to protect her from Veer. Armaan mentions his love for Kaviya and tells Eisha to sleep until he needs her to save Kaviya. Vihaan tells Eisha he is fine and that Sarah is also okay. Vihaan recalls Sarah’s dad said to keep the attacks between them if he cares about Sarah. Mahesh reveals he wants revenge on Armaan and Veer for what they did to his granddad.


Armaan tells Eisha he feels at peace with her. Eisha assures Armaan that his secret is safe with her. Armaan reveals that he needs to kill Eisha to bring Kaviya back.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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