Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Keerat arrives at Sudha’s house through the backdoor, carrying sweets as a gesture of goodwill. When Sudha is unable to see who has entered her kitchen, she identifies Keerat through the feel of her rough hands. Keerat requests Sudha to serve the sweets to the Brars, who are presumably guests or acquaintances of the family. Veer, who had followed Keerat to Sudha’s house, becomes frustrated when he realizes that she had given him incorrect directions. He had expected to find Sudha’s bungalow in a different location. The frustration turns into anger, and Veer decides to take revenge on Keerat for misleading him. Meanwhile, Sahiba leaves Sudha’s house feeling sad and humiliated. This is because she had been embarrassed by Angad in front of her family, who are described as selfish. Upon leaving the house, Sahiba encounters Veer, who is surprised to see her there.

Sudha serves the sweets to the Brars, who are likely guests or family members. Angad smiles when he sees Seerat, which elicits taunts from Prabjot and Gurleen. Bebe, who is likely a senior family member, comments on Seerat’s beauty and says anyone would feel happy seeing her. The group discusses Seerat’s arrival, with Kaspal mentioning that she is a bit late and Jasleen attributing the delay to traffic. Seerat confirms that she was indeed stuck in traffic, and Angad thinks highly of her kind nature. Manveer expresses that they like Seerat for Angad, and the group decides to seek Angad’s approval for an alliance. Angad feels shy about the idea, and Ajith thinks that Santosh made a mistake by hiding the fact that Sahiba is Seerat’s younger sister.

Bebe expresses her admiration for Seerat’s beauty and nature, and expresses her desire for Angad to marry someone like her. Jaspal asks about the plans for the roka and chunri rituals, with Bebe saying she wants them to be held at the Brar mansion. Santosh is happy with the plans, while Veer is excited about Angad’s upcoming wedding. Veer talks to Sahiba, who says she’s feeling sad and tired due to work pressure. Gurleen informs Veer about Angad’s wedding, and he shares the news with Sahiba. Sahiba reflects on the fact that her own alliance was fixed without her, but expresses happiness for Seerat.

Garry receives a message from Seerat about her engagement with Angad and thinks about his next move Sahiba returns home tired after shopping for Seerat’s engagement clothes and reflects on her hard work for unappreciative family members Keerat confronts Sahiba about her tireless work for Santosh and Seerat Ajith shows his emotional distress about Angad’s treatment towards Sahiba and feels guilty for his poverty and helplessness Sahiba comforts Ajith who washes her feet with teary eyes

The engagement ceremony starts at Brar mansion with happy vibes and music. Darji is happy to see Seerat as Angad’s wife. Bebe prays for Angad and Seerat’s marriage to be filled with love and unity. Jasleen signals Garry to leave the party. Brars welcome Seerat’s family and praise Seerat’s beauty. Santosh is happy with the lavish arrangements. Ajith is hesitant about the engagement, but is threatened by Santosh to act. Seerat is looking for Garry before the engagement.

A lavish engagement ceremony starts at the Brar mansion with happy music and dancing. The Brars welcome Seerat’s family and praise Seerat’s beauty. While Santosh is happy with the arrangements, Ajith is hesitant but is threatened by Santosh to act. Seerat is looking for Garry before the engagement.


Seerat holds Garry’s hand before her engagement with Angad. The action leaves everyone present at the engagement ceremony shocked. Ajith calls Sahiba for help.

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