Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Akaal admonishes Angad’s behaviour

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – As Angad gazes at the entrance, he believes Sahiba has returned. However, the guard indicates that he is present for a regular check. Angad inquires if the guard observed Sahiba’s departure, to which the guard replies that he did not witness her leaving. Angad proceeds to wait for Sahiba’s return, and upon her arrival, he asks where she has been concealing herself. Sahiba responds by stating that she refrained from bothering anyone since they were all asleep. Angad, then, inquires about her whereabouts at 11 p.m. and grasps her hand. Sahiba rebukes him for his impertinence and orders him to release her hand. Angad persists in his demand for an explanation, stressing that Sahiba’s actions may tarnish the reputation of the Brar family. A quarrel ensues, and Sahiba collapses onto Angad’s shoulder due to lightheadedness. The entire family gathers around them, and Angad pushes her away.

Darji and Akal question the commotion. Veer inquires about Sahiba’s well-being, to which she replies that she felt dizzy. Veer implies that this may have resulted from her failure to eat since morning. Darji queries the truth of this claim, and Veer asserts that he had brought food for Sahiba, but Angad forbade him and even confiscated the food plate. Angad reprimands him for taking Sahiba’s side over his own brother. Darji suggests that they proceed inside to discuss the matter. Within the house, Darji berates Angad for neglecting his wife’s nourishment, incredulous that Angad, who treats his employees like family, could have treated his wife so poorly. Bebe wonders why Angad is being scolded when Sahiba could have asked for food. Veer counters that given the manner in which Angad scolded Sahiba, any respectable individual would not have eaten.

In this scene, Prabjot accuses Sahiba of acting to gain sympathy, and Sahiba becomes angry. Prabjot complains to Manveer, who warns Sahiba to lower her gaze and voice if she wants to stay in their house. Sahiba retorts by saying that Manveer should teach her son some manners, as he always troubles her. This causes Angad to shout, and Prince comes out to see what is happening. Prabjot signals to Hansraj, who manages to take Prince away. Jasleen suggests that Sahiba might have gone out to eat.

Darji scolds Angad for forgetting family values and asks Bebe for her opinion. Bebe expresses her regret, saying that even their servants don’t go hungry in their home. Darji calls the maid and asks why she didn’t force Sahiba to eat, but the servant stops speaking when she sees Angad. Darji orders Bebe to feed Sahiba and then return to their room. The maid brings food.

Sahiba politely tells Bebe that she can’t eat as she values her self-respect more than food. Angad shouts that a girl from a thug family is saying this and attempts to force-feed her. Sahiba refuses and warns him to maintain a distance from her. Their argument continues.

In the preview for the next episode, Sanots prepares food for Sahiba and plans to visit her to convince her to eat. Ajith says that Sahiba will not meet her. Later, Gurleen visits Sahiba and says that she came to take her for a post-wedding ritual. Sahiba questions why Gurleen would come to take her, knowing the situation between her and Angad.

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