Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat and Angad get engaged

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – The Mongas visit the Brar mansion for Seerat and Angad’s engagement ceremony. The Brars welcome them. Seerat feels anxious seeing Garry dancing with his cousins and thinks she needs to talk to him and stop her engagement with Angad. Manveer compliments Seerat’s appearance and asks about her other two daughters. Sahiba is busy working at her shop and did not attend the engagement ceremony. Keerat brings panipuri and teases Sahiba about celebrating their absence at the engagement ceremony. Sahiba says Keerat looks strong on the outside but soft on the inside and teases her about Veer being afraid of her.

Santosh lies about his daughter’s whereabouts. Bebe wants to start the engagement ceremony. Seerat nervously sits beside Angad and holds his hand, which shocks everyone. Garry says Seerat was just slipping, but Angad asks if Seerat is getting engaged with her wish. Santosh gets tense upon hearing Angad’s question and interferes. Seerat tells Angad that he looks more anxious than her. The engagement ceremony is taking place despite the absence of two of Santosh’s daughters. Seerat is nervous and holds Angad’s hand, causing a shock to everyone present. Angad asks Seerat about her wishes for the engagement, causing Santosh to become tense. Seerat reveals to Angad that he appears to be more anxious than she is.

Bebe and Manveer congratulate Daarji on the inclusion of another family member. Prince and Angad ask about Inder’s whereabouts. Manveer says Inder doesn’t need an invitation to his son’s engagement. Daarji speaks about the role of women in keeping the family together and it being Seerat’s turn now. Seerat hopes to marry Angad instead. Inder arrives, saying someone doesn’t like his presence but he won’t skip his son’s engagement. Inder introduces himself to Seerat as her future father-in-law and is introduced by Bebe as her elder son. Inder mentions that someone doesn’t like his presence, but he attends the engagement anyway. Daarji speaks about the importance of women in maintaining the unity of the family. Seerat expresses a desire to marry Angad. Angad asks Seerat about her wishes for the engagement. Bebe introduces Inder as her elder son.

Bebe performs the Chunri ceremony and engagement. She gifts Seerat the family necklace, passed down from elder daughter-in-law to elder daughter-in-law. Seerat recalls a diamond necklace gifted to her by Garry. Inder blesses Seerat and gives her a gift. Other family members give gifts and they pose for a family photo. Santosh thanks Manveer for the arrangements and expresses a desire to finish the wedding soon. Manveer mentions that Bebe and Daarji want the wedding to be after one year. Santosh is worried her truth will be exposed by then.


Manveer gets angry with Santosh for demanding a quick wedding. Santosh pretends to collapse. Ajith informs Sahiba and asks her to send their doctor. Sahiba says she will bring the doctor, even though Angad hates her.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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