Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba and Kirat disguise as caterers to come to Brar mansion

Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Santosh is thankful to Manveer for making engagement arrangements on short notice. Santosh wants the wedding to be finished as soon as possible. Manveer questions Santosh’s urgency in having the wedding. Manveer informs the group that a wedding date has been set one year from the engagement day. The wedding date is set one year from the engagement day as per family tradition to let the bride and groom understand each other better. Seerat believes that one year is enough time to move on from Angad and pursue a relationship with Garry. Jasleen hopes that Angad does not slip away from Santosh and Seerat’s grip.

Santosh says she needs to talk to her sister about the situation and excuses herself. Santosh falls unconscious and the group rushes to her aid. Ajit calls Sahiba and informs her about Santosh’s condition, asking her to send Dr. Sandhu. Sahiba decides to come as well, but Ajit warns her about the possibility of being humiliated by Angad. Sahiba joins a group of catering staff and enters the Brar mansion disguised in a dress and mask. The group lies Santosh down on a bed and waits for the doctor to arrive. Sahiba and Keerat drop off Dr. Sandhu outside the Brar mansion and wait outside.

Dr. Sandhu checks on Santosh’s condition. Ajit calls Sahiba and warns her to be careful of being identified by Angad. Angad notices Sahiba and questions her presence. Sahiba and Keerat claim to be from the catering team. Angad accuses Sahiba of calling him “arrogant” but she denies it and claims to have been referring to her younger brother. Sahiba nervously adjusts her mask, and Angad questions her about it. Keerat lies about Sahiba having tooth pain to cover for her behavior, and Angad allows them to leave.

Manveer plans to call their doctor for Santosh’s treatment. Ajith explains that Santosh has hypertension and her blood pressure rises due to tension. Keerat and Sahiba arrive at Santosh’s room and inform Ajith of the situation. Brars and Seerat leave the room, leaving Ajith and Dr. Sandhu with Santosh. Angad offers to stay with Seerat instead. Darji suggests that everyone leave the room and let the doctor treat Santosh. Once everyone leaves, Sahiba and Keerat secretly enter Santosh’s room.


Seerat’s phone is ringing and someone (presumably Sahiba) picks it up.Angad expresses his love to the person on the other end (believed to be Seerat).The person on the other end (believed to be Seerat) nervously says “I love you”.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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