Udaariyaan 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Advait, Naaz accuse Nehmat of lying

Udaariyaan 15th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Naaz argues with Nehmat and Rupy about her situation in the house. Nehmat accuses Naaz of saying something, which Naaz denies. Rupy invites Naaz to come with him and leave the house, as he feels it’s not suitable for her. Naaz taunts Rupy for always favoring Tejo and now Nehmat, and accuses him of dancing on Nehmat’s tunes. Naaz reveals that she’s leaving her husband, and argues that since she’s making a bold move, Rupy should do the same and leave his own husband. Rupy shouts at Naaz in response to her accusations.

Neeru asks Nehmat about his plans to unite Ekam and someone else. Nehmat accuses Advait of keeping him captive in the house and giving him sleeping pills to hide the truth. Naaz asks for the name of the girl Advait was with, as Nehmat caught him red-handed at the farmhouse. Rupy and others also ask for the girl’s name, but Nehmat refuses to defame anyone. Nehmat declines to say the name and explains what happened at the farmhouse instead.

Nehmat tells everyone what happened at the farmhouse. Rupy comforts Nehmat with a hug. Advait denies Nehmat’s accusations and questions why he was not informed earlier. Rupy defends Nehmat and says that they believe her, and they got her in a bad state. Advait claims that he called Nehmat to the farmhouse, and she came there with Ekam.

Advait denies Nehmat’s accusations and says that she is lying about what happened. He claims that they had a fight, and a fire broke out. Advait says that he took Nehmat to the hospital, where she suffered a miscarriage and shock. He took her to the trauma center, and she ran away on the way back. Advait questions the validity of Nehmat’s story. Advait points out Nehmat’s wounds.

Advait takes Shamsher’s stick and hits himself to prove that he did not cause Nehmat’s wounds. Nehmat accuses Advait of being a politician who is only concerned with his image. Advait questions Nehmat’s motives and says that she never accepted him as her husband. Nehmat reveals that she was not actually pregnant. Naaz questions Nehmat and asks her to explain what happened.

Naaz asks for a doctor for Nehmat. Nehmat thinks Naaz has deceived her once again. Naaz asks Nehmat not to involve Ekam and not to blame them for their own problems. Shamsher and Advait smile. Shamsher shows a picture of the trauma centre register to prove Nehmat’s pregnancy. Shamsher suggests that Ekam can verify the truth. Advait offers to call the doctor.

Nehmat accuses Advait of keeping her captive and drugging her with sleeping pills. Nehmat alleges that Advait was caught red-handed with a girl at the farmhouse, but Advait denies the accusation. Nehmat says she was not pregnant and needs a doctor, but when the doctor arrives, she denies knowing him. Shamsher shows a picture of the trauma centre register, proving that Nehmat was treated there. Nikhil is asked to tell the truth but remembers Shamsher’s threats and lies to protect the family.

Nehmat denies being pregnant and claims she is fine. Nehmat offers to show the location where she was locked up, specifically the basement. Rupy and Satti accompany Nehmat to the basement. Shamsher and Advait are present and watching. Nehmat’s statement shocks Nehmat. Possible implication of Nehmat being held against her will. The speaker’s reliability and credibility is unclear.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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