Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikranth’s change of plans shocks Kanha and Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Rashmi manipulates Nakul with emotional drama and shows him tickets to a trip to Shimla. Rashmi sensed Nakul’s insecurities and booked the tickets to fool him. Nakul falls for her trick and apologizes. Rashmi fills poison in Nakul’s mind regarding his family members. Nakul goes to get Rashmi’s favorite ice cream. Rashmi recalls Vikrant catching her red-handed but feels no risk from Sayuri as she believes Sayuri is stuck with Vikrant. Rashmi successfully convinces Nakul of her false intentions and makes him apologize. Rashmi spreads negative thoughts about Nakul’s family members to further her own agenda. Nakul shows trust and love towards Rashmi by getting her favorite ice cream. Rashmi has a secret encounter with Vikrant but feels confident as she believes Sayuri is stuck with him.

Sayuri is getting ready for her wedding and hopes to be reunited with Kanha and Mithu. Kanha is worried and talks to Yash on the phone. Yash reassures Kanha and says he will be at the temple on time with the police. Kanha joins the family’s pooja and asks for blessings from the elders. Santosh performs aarti and blesses Kanha. Kanha is on a mission to rescue Sayuri and Mithu and is counting on Yash’s help. The text emphasizes the importance of the family and the role of blessings and prayers.

Vikrant looks at Sachi’s mangalsutra and plans to fix it on Sayuri. Faiba and Mithu are ready and will soon reach the temple. Sayuri is afraid of Vikrant and prays for protection. Sayuri imagines Kanha in a sherwani and is momentarily comforted. Sayuri is taken to a different temple than she expected. Sayuri is afraid and uncertain about her situation. The text hints at a potentially dangerous situation for Sayuri. The unexpected change in location increases Sayuri’s fear and confusion.

Kanha is waiting outside the temple and discovers it’s closed. Rashmi is watching Kanha from a hiding place. Sayuri is tense and asks Vikrant about the change in location. Vikrant explains that the temple has been changed due to repairs and the wedding will be simple without celebration or photos. Sayuri is increasingly worried about the situation. Kanha is trying to find Sayuri and is concerned about her whereabouts. Rashmi’s presence adds a sense of intrigue and possible danger. The change in location and simplicity of the wedding ceremony raises questions about Vikrant’s intentions. Sayuri’s increased tension highlights her distress and fear.


Sayuri is able to call Kanha using Vikrant’s phone. Kanha hears wedding rituals in the background of the call.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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