Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara gives a befitting reply to Mansi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Nayan is going to attend a party with Samrat. Samrat has a beard and mustache. Nayan is worried that Samrat will face humiliation from his friends at the party. Sam enters and reassures Nayan that he will not feel humiliated. Sam calls a grooming team to get Nayan ready for the party. Sam warns Nayan that if she wants custody of Prem, she needs to be with him. Nayan’s relationship with Prem is uncertain and may be impacted by her actions at the party.

Artists are getting Nayan ready for the party. Prem compliments Nayan and says she looks very pretty. Malati is worried about Ishani because she hasn’t called for a long time. Paati tells Malati to relax and says that Ishani must be busy with a court marriage and will call back soon.

Sam gets ready for the party in a suit and is complimented by Revati as looking handsome. Sam is going to a reunion party and is aware that Mansi and Raghav will also be there. Revati expresses some concern about Sam attending the party, but he confirms that he still wants to go. Nayan arrives, and Revati is surprised by her beautiful appearance following a makeover. Nayan needs to drop Prem off at Malati’s house on the way to the party. Revati thinks that Sam may be falling for Nayan. Nayan winks, but says she lost her contact lens, and Sam scolds her. They start a playful argument, but Sam eventually helps Nayan fix the lens issue.

Raghav and Mansi approach Sam and Nayan and taunt Sam for not being able to control himself around Nayan. Sam responds by saying that Nayan is beautiful and irresistible, causing Mansi to mock and laugh at him. Mansi and Raghav are shocked by Nayan’s transformation and her beauty. Sam says that Nayan looks more beautiful than anyone else at the party, including Mansi. Mansi becomes jealous of Nayan’s appearance. Chintu plays with Prem and says that it’s good that he is at the party. Malati tells Paati that she wants Sam to realize Nayan’s inner beauty and continue their marriage, hoping that they will fall in love if they spend 6 months together. Prem overhears the conversation between Malati and Paati

Sam and Nayan engage in a playful argument (nok jhok). Raghav asks them to stop their PDA and says that he made a mistake by inviting them to the party. Sam says that he can’t help it because Nayan is irresistible. Raghav asks Sam to sing a song for Nayan, and Sam obliges by singing “Ab Tum Hi Ho”. Sam dances with Nayan while singing the song, causing Mansi to feel jealous. Mansi tries to make Nayan feel jealous by walking into the bathroom and taunting her about Sam’s past romantic interest in her. Nayan responds by saying that Sam only sings for her now and that Mansi’s attempts to make her feel jealous have failed.


Nayan receives news that her sister Ishani has died in an accident. Nayan accuses Sam of being responsible for Ishani’s death. Nayan threatens to take revenge on Sam

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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