Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat finds Nayantara inside the water tank

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Mansi tells Samrat that it’s okay to perform the pooja on time without Nayantara, who she considers irresponsible for not showing up if she valued the pooja. Ishani disagrees and says they shouldn’t perform the pooja until Nayantara arrives. Samrat agrees with Ishani and goes to call Nayantara. Meanwhile, Nayantara gets stuck in a water tank and calls for help. Sam searches the whole house for her, fearing for her safety. Eventually, he hears sounds coming from the water tank, and climbs up to find Nayantara struggling for her life inside. He jumps in and rescues her, pumping the water out of her stomach to save her life.

After some time, Malati asks how Nayantara fell into the water tank. Nayantara says someone pushed her in and accuses Mansi. Mansi denies it, saying that she is pregnant and not capable of pushing Nayantara into the water tank and then joining everyone for the pooja. Samrat suggests that since Mansi was with them, someone else must have pushed Nayantara. Mansi suggests that Nayantara may have fallen into the water tank on her own and is falsely accusing her. Ishani and Mohit defend Nayantara, while Sam agrees that Nayantara would never do that. Mansi asks Sam to convince Nayantara to stop accusing her, and leaves. Sam asks everyone else to leave while he helps Nayantara down. He suggests that Nayantara’s sari may have gotten stuck and caused her to slip and fall into the water tank. Nayantara insists that she is not a child and couldn’t have fallen in that way. Sam suggests that they forget about it and perform the pooja.

After the pooja, Mohit asks Sam if he is worried about Nayantara. Sam admits that he is and that he believes Nayantara is telling the truth. Mohit suggests that Mansi couldn’t have pushed Nayantara into the water tank as she was with them for the pooja. Sam realizes that someone else must be helping Mansi and decides to find out who it is.

Later that night, Nayan goes to put Prem to sleep and finds him and Chintu playing with Sam. Sam invites her to join in, but she declines, saying it’s time to sleep. She throws water balloons at Sam and warns Prem and Chintu not to disturb her. They nod in agreement, and she tells them to go to sleep. Prem says he’ll come in two minutes, and Sam asks Nayan what he can do to calm her down. Nayan threatens to throw water balloons at Sam, but he promises to use his smile to win her over.

Meanwhile, Mansi thanks Aaliya for helping her, and they plot to get revenge on Nayantara and Ishani. Mansi reveals that she plans to mix bhang tablets into Nayantara’s drink, wait for her to fall asleep, and then seduce Sam to remind him of their past. She hopes that this will lead Sam to kick Nayantara out of the house.

The next morning, Sam applies color to Prem and wishes him a happy Holi. Prem complains that he wanted to apply color first, but Sam jokes that everything is fair in love and war. He sets out to color Nayantara, but she stops him. Prem and Chintu tease him, but Sam remains confident that he can win Nayantara over. Meanwhile, Aaliya tells Mansi that Samrat is now interested in Nayantara, but Mansi reveals that she has a plan to get Nayantara out of their lives for good.

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