Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara stabs Aliya

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Malati tells Nayantara that Samrat knew about Ishani and Mohit’s location from tapping her phone. Nayan believes Malati and confronts Samrat by throwing a bucket of water on him. Samrat denies the accusation, but Nayan claims he is responsible for her sister’s death. Revati and Aaliya walk in and question Nayan’s behavior. Nayan accuses Samrat of intentionally getting Ishani and Mohit killed. The conversation revolves around Samrat’s alleged involvement in the deaths of Ishani and Mohit. The situation becomes more intense with the addition of more people to the confrontation.

Revati warns Seema to stop accusing her son as he saves lives and cannot take anyone’s life. Mohit and Ishani died in a car accident according to Nayan. Seema breaks down after hearing about the accident. Nayan has no proof that Sam killed Mohit and Ishani. Nayan reveals that she tapped Ishani’s phone. Nayan challenges Sam to take revenge before leaving with Malati. Aliya questions Nayan about the proof of Sam’s guilt.

Sam panics with Nayan’s accusations, but Revati stops him from reacting. Sam denies knowing Mohit and Ishani were in Shimla and claims he can never kill anyone. Revati suggests focusing on Seema instead. Revati feels relieved that Nayan didn’t discover her role in Mohit and Ishani’s deaths. At night, Nayan enters Aaliya’s room and threatens her with a knife. Aaliya denies killing Nayan’s sister, but Nayan stabs and kills her.

Revati serves breakfast to Seema and comforts her the next morning. Sam looks distressed and hasn’t slept all night. Blood is found all over Aaliya’s room with Aaliya missing. Servants search the whole house but can’t find Aaliya. Nayan is holding a blood-stained knife and Aaliya’s blood-stained top. Nayan admits to killing Aaliya and taking revenge for Ishani’s death. Sam questions Nayan and calls Mohit and Ishani to prove his innocence.


Mohit informs Sam that Revati’s aide was driving the truck that almost killed them. Sam confronts Revati about the attempted murder.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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