Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhi and Abhimanyu’s bond is questioned

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Aarohi is recovering, Ruhi asks if she can skip rope and eat berries. Ruhi’s friend is having a birthday party with games for kids and parents tomorrow. Parth tells Ruhi that only parents are invited to the party, not guardians. Abhi argues that love and intention matter more than labels in relationships. Ruhi, Abhi, and Shefali plan to wear matching socks and go together.

Shefali accuses someone of staining their relationship. Abhir asks about traveling to Udaipur. Abhinav agrees with Akshu that it’s expensive to travel for a day. Akshu thinks Dadi’s birthday is super special. Manjiri applies black tika to Ruhi and everyone plans to celebrate Dadi’s birthday. Abhi and Aarohi will plan the celebration. They plan to pray for Dadi and make her day special.

Shefali and Manjiri express their desire for Abhi and Aarohi to become a family. Akshu scolds Abhi for asking her to do his school project. Abhinav is asked to help Abhi, but he declines due to work commitments. Abhinav rushes out of the house for a corporate deal, hoping for a big profit.

Abhi dances with Ruhi, and they receive praise from other guests. The man announces games for everyone to play. Kairav returns home from jogging. Muskaan is crying on the railing, and Kairav tells her to sit and cry. Muskaan apologizes and calls him Bhairav ji, but he corrects her and leaves.

Ruhi and Abhi play and win a game where they have to pick goodies from a pool. Abhi puts the goodies inside his shirt, and they win the round. They are declared the best “Papa and daughter” by the game host. Ruhi gets a trophy, and Aarohi takes their picture to celebrate.

The kids play another game while Abhi advises a guy on fitness. Akshu receives a call from Abhir’s school and calls out to Abhinav. Ruhi cries and says some kids accused her of cheating and questioned Abhinav’s role as her father. Abhi hugs and comforts Ruhi.

The people scold their kids and apologize to Abhi and Aarohi. Abhi reminds everyone that love is more important than labels in relationships. The boy calls Ruhi a cheater and the kids join in, but Abhi hugs her to comfort her. Abhinav and Akshu come to school and learn about the importance of family. The teacher explains that not knowing about one’s family can lead to confusion and complexity. Abhi emphasizes the importance of accepting a relation with the heart, not just based on blood ties. Aarohi watches the conversation.


Dadi receives a voice note from Akshu saying she is coming. Mahima tells Anand that Abhi and Aarohi are getting married. Ruhi confirms the news, saying that Abhi will become her dad.

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