Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu gets serious

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – The episode begins with Kairav carrying Abhi and taking him to the car while Manjiri cleans his blood. Manish urges the driver to hurry, and Kairav assures everyone that Abhi will be fine. However, Manish questions why Abhi wasn’t coming home, and Aarohi becomes anxious. Meanwhile, Akshu becomes upset and distressed as she notices Abhi’s blood on her hands. Abhinav offers her a handkerchief, while Muskaan tries to comfort Dadi. Abhir arrives and inquires about everyone’s whereabouts, and Muskaan assures him that they will return soon. As Dadi prays, everyone watches as Abhi receives medical attention, and they all begin to cry. Mahima states that Abhi had appeared worried since the morning, and Rohan confirms that he has multiple injuries. Aarohi expresses her desire to go and see Abhi, but Parth stops her, reminding her that she’s in shock and not in the right state to go to the operation theatre. As Manjiri cries for Abhi, Mahima suggests that they shift him to the operation theatre if his condition doesn’t improve, and Suwarna assures her that Abhi will be alright.

Manish reflects that it’s a good thing that the kids weren’t present to witness the accident. Aarohi mentions that if Ruhi had seen her father in this condition, she would have been devastated. Manjiri then proceeds to clean Abhi’s wallet and phone screen and checks his call log, noticing that he had come to see Akshu. Manjiri glares at Akshu and blames her for Abhi’s accident, stating that she was always the reason for Abhi and Aarohi’s unhappiness. Abhinav apologizes and denies that Akshu could have been the cause of the accident. However, Manjiri insists that Akshu is the reason for Abhi’s state and shows the phone call log as evidence. She reveals that Abhi called Akshu multiple times and came to their house to meet her, and if Akshu wasn’t present, Abhi wouldn’t have come. Manjiri then accuses Akshu of causing Abhi’s restlessness after their meeting in Kasauli. As Akshu cries, Manjiri asks her why she came back after so many years, implying that she’s responsible for Abhi’s current state. Abhinav and others try to console Manjiri, but she continues to blame Akshu. She recalls how Neil was brought to the hospital six years ago and couldn’t be taken back, ultimately dying, all because of Akshu.

Meanwhile, Suwarna and Surekha return home, revealing that Abhi’s operation is still ongoing. Dadi becomes upset as Surekha criticizes Akshu for running to Abhi’s side and forgetting her marriage, husband, and child. Surekha argues that they shouldn’t come close and that Aarohi’s happiness shouldn’t be sacrificed for Akshu’s sake. She implies that Manjiri has also seen the truth in Akshu’s eyes. Dadi scolds her, but they all see Abhinav at the door.

In the preview, Abhir exclaims that he’s coming to the doctor, while Akshu shouts out his name. Abhinav tries to console Akshu and notices a note that indicates that Abhir is going to Abhi, leaving everyone in suspense.

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